MIALO - Providing intellectual inputs

The next generation IT service provider built to help its customers utilize and leverage the power of the NEXT wave of emerging technologies to be successful and flourish,reduce cost,increase growth and profitability,develop and foster talent and resource management,encourage and promote innovation.

Headquartered  in the Indian silicon valley - the city of Bangalore, Mialo aspires to provide end to end software solutions and service needs of its clients globally - a true ONE STOP SHOP for all your Software Solutions.

  • Unique and Customized Service Offerings
  • High degree of Flexibility and Scalability
  • Adapt, be flexible, re-invent
  • Sustain and grow in a highly competitive landscape

Our Mission

Help our CLIENTS achieve their business goals by providing IT solutions that are simple yet effective, scalable and dynamic, reduce cost and increase growth, improve productivity and profitability.

We at Mialo believe our EMPLOYEES are our greatest assets and we are committed to help them achieve their personal and professional goals and their career vision

Happy Mialo, Happier Customers,
Happiest Employees

Our Vision

  1. To be a globally recognized, respected and preferred technology partner
  2. To be the Employer of choice leading to creating jobs, aplenty! Creating Leaders aplenty! Creating happiness aplenty!
  3. Be a Company with the highest standards in – Technology, Honesty, Ethics, Integrity and our stated Values
  4. To give meaning to our Business success through initiatives contributing to the society

What we do for our Customers

Modern services should be reactive, responsive, scalable, resilient. A slow service is hard to distinguish from a dead service. Our end-to-end gamut of services include everything a product needs from an idea to its fruition:

Our values and spirit

  1. AIM higher
  2. Sense of HUMOR
  3. QUALITY in all we do
  4. Everyone MUST WIN (WIN-WIN)
  5. Extremely Responsive and Adaptable
  6. Sensitive to Customer needs
  7. Insatiable and vigorous quest for Knowledge
  8. Learn and Share
  9. Eye to the FUTURE
  10. Collaboration
  11. Entrepreneurial
  12. Respectful
  13. Consensus building
  14. Client Oriented
  15. Employee centric
  16. Approachable

Providing intellectual inputs