BIG DATA – Growing bigger, Too Big to ignore!

  • 72 hours of Youtube video is uploaded every minute
  • 92% of the worlds data create in last 2 years
  • US – Doubles it in 3 years, India and China goes 24 fold by 2020
  • 30 billion pieces of data added to facebook each month
  • Annual growth rate 60%
  • Every 60 Seconds
  • 98000 Tweets
  • 11 Million instant messages
  • 168 million+ emails sent
  • 700000 Google searches

Sophisticated analysis of this data at the right time can unlock BIG values to gain right and actionable insights. The businesses can compete and differentiate themselves through otherwise hidden valuable insights to create the next generation products and services.

Business leaders are drowning in data and the deluge has just begun

Our Big Data services are based on Hadoop, HDFS and MapReduce Ecosystem

  • Involve all business units in your BigData strategy.
  • Evaluate all delivery models.
  • Think of your traditional data sources a part of your big data strategy.
  • Plan for consistent metadata.
  • Do distribute your data.
  • Don’t reply on a single approach to BigData analysis.
  • Don’t go big before you are ready.
  • Integrate diverse data.
  • Don’t forget to manage data.
  • Don’t overlook the need to manage the performance of your data.

Solution implementation

Cloud Services

Big Data Consulting Services

  • Creating a data catalog and identifying the Big Data in the organization including public Big Data source
  • Top-down approach: From enterprise architecture blueprint, create a set of use cases that are important for business
  • Bottom-up approach: Create a set of use cases that are easy to solve without changes to the data architecture
  • Create pilot programs

Big Data Implementation Services

  • Solution Architecting
  • Finalize Big Data reference architecture
  • Install, tune and test Big Data platform to implement Big Data projects

Big Data Solution Services

  • Implement Data ingestion features
  • Implement Processing features
  • Implement Data Access
  • Implement Visualization

Big Data Platform Services

  • Establish architecture and governance strategies such as security, multi-tenancy, data retention
  • Establish standards, guidelines and associated processes for developing, testing and deploying the solution

Providing intellectual inputs