Our Testing Process

  • Requirements analysis – Testing should begin in the requirements phase.
  • Test planning – Test strategy, test plan,test case creation. Since many activities
    w will be carried out during testing, a plan is created.
  • Test development- Test procedures, test scenarios, test cases, test datasets,
    test scripts to use in testing software.
  • Test execution – Testers execute the software based on the plans and test documents.
  • Test reporting – Once testing is completed, testers generate metrics
    and make final reports is ready for release.
  • Test result analysis – Done by the development team usually along with the client.
  • Defect Retesting – Once a defect has been dealt with by the development team.
  • Test result analysis – It is common to have a small test program built of a subset of tests,
    for each integration of new, modified, or fixed software.
  • Test Closure – Once the test meets the exit criteria.

Common Agile Testing Approach

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