The Power Of AI @ Mialo

We @ Mialo are on a mission to Transforming people's lives with advanced Computer Vision, NLP using our deep expertise in Edge AI, Computer Vision and Deep Learning to give computers the human-like abilities of hearing, seeing, reasoning, and learning. Capture data from billions of cameras and sensors worldwide to develop reliable end to end real-time Intelligent Analytics solutions that transform pixel and sensor data into actionable insights

How we do it

Leveraging the experience of working with many ISV’s worldwide building enterprise class scalable solutions, Mialo is now in addition Developing products using IoT, Data Science and AI for the Smart Cities, Healthcare, Safety and Security, Government and Law Enforcement, Media, Retail and Banking.

  • • Solutions ranging from running a search against product catalogues, to security automation, to analysing production environments, to reading human expressions and gestures.
  • • Solve real-world problem with computationally efficient algorithms that all run in real-time on even the most compute-constrained edge devices, narrowly focused, faster and accurate
  • • Flexible and scalable edge-to-cloud AI-based solutions on edge devices, on-premises, or in the cloud.
  • • State-of-the-art perception solutions including Multi-Camera Trackin
  • • Embed AI in existing products and services

Solution implementation

Cloud Services

Mialo AI Framework - Intelligence Capabilities

  • Machine Vision and Sensing
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Acting and Automation
  • Prediction and Decision making

Providing intellectual inputs