Mobility, the most disruptive and ever evolving innovation is changing the way companies do and run their business. The need to go Mobile is no longer a matter of debate. It provides for a very personalized one to one connection, discover the one to one opportunity, inspire action and develop a long term relationship. The growth of smart phones and tablets has led to a surge in the demand for mobile access to business data, processes, tools and communication.

The advent of quad and octa-core processors means that many people’s phones are more powerful than their home computers - an incredible prospect. Bendable displays, wearable mobile, retina scanning, palm identification and voice unlocking is gaining focus.

Use your smart phone to control your kitchen and a host of other appliances, turn on home security systems, control underground sprinkler systems remotely. The possibilities are limitless. Increase your exposure via mobile devices in affordable and effective way to reach out to your customers. Mobile applications foster amazing possibilities for conversation and engagement with audience any-time, anywhere

Technology Focus / Platforms / Tools

    Windows iOS Android
    Ionic Hybrid Xamarin

  • Mobile Web Apps
  • Android Apps
  • iOS Apps
  • Windows Phone
  • HTML5
  • Hybrid Mobile Apps
  • Ionic Hybrid Mobile Apps
  • Native Mobile Apps
  • Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.iOS
  • Salesforce Lighting App

How do we contribute ?

At Mialo, we are committed to develop Mobility solutions encompassing all markets and at any scale that engage your Customers connecting them to your Brand. We offer the following complete cross platform Mobility lifecycle consultation, development and testing services. Adopting appropriate Client Arch (Web or Native or Hybrid) considering your Enterprise and app requirements in tandem with our experience and best practice.

  • Mobile application design and development services: We work with
    enterprises to plan, design, develop, deliver and maintain mobile applications
  • Mobile application enterprise integration services: Integrating Mobile
    apps with Enterprise Applications.
  • Mobile application testing services: Our robust frameworks and test
    strategies help in thorough testing of the mobile solution in days and not weeks to meet the speed of fast changing mobile world.
  • Mobile application management, maintenance services: For mobile
    application deployment and maintenance
  • Mobile application migration services: Migrate existing Mobile apps
    to newer / additional platforms.

Providing intellectual inputs